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SAP KENYA is a unique organization. We were formed when a group of professionals , Civil society organizations and for profit organizations decided to work together based on the conviction that sustainable agriculture could be harnessed as an effective tool for food security , poverty alleviation, environmental protection while improving the lives of rural people.
These partnerships forms the basis for SAP membership, which is increasingly growing since then with organizations from all over the world.
Empowering farmers and business enterprises.
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Empowering farmers and business enterprises.

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SAP Kenya is a global collaborative network of organizations committed to shaping the food and agriculture sector through collective impact.
Being part of SAP means joining a network of organizations in Kenya committed to systemic change, that share the vision of zero hunger.
We collaborate with the government, the media, civil society, academia, startup CEOs, business owners, microfinance institutions, and banks.

Health and wellbeing

Supporting establishment and sustainability of child care facilities, nurturing care services and advocacy.

Climate Action

We work with the governments in addressing the effects of climate change by increasing the resilience of the poor and those who are vulnerable,

Gender and Youth

Providing them with agricultural extension services, information and technologies that are adapted to their needs and farm sizes.


Promoting access to affordable micro-finance for SMEs, Farmers organizations and agri food enterprises.

Sustainable Agriculture

Farmer centered and geared towards empowering smallholder farming to survive and model a farming businesses that thrive

Nurturing care

Of all influences affecting children’s development and mental health across the entire life course, none is more important than the quality of parenting and family life


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