Sustainable Agriculture

Given that the agricultural industry has the ability to improve food security, reduce poverty, and lower child mortality through better nutrition, among other goals, it is well positioned to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.Get in touch

The SDG's Promise

Making the switch to sustainable agriculture is therefore essential because climate change is already endangering people and the environment.The SDGs emphasize the importance of agriculture and the need for sustainable farming through :

Sustainable Agriculture

SAP Kenya is bringing the collective voice of farmers, scientists and businesses working in agriculture to the forefront of the dialogue at the National and subnational level.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) asserts that in order for agriculture to be truly sustainable, it must be profitable, environmentally sound, and promote social and economic fairness. Therefore, without leaving anyone behind, agricultural practices must change to become more sustainable.
Sustainable farming practices can be combined to address the unique climate issues faced by a particular agricultural community to create climate-smart agriculture and enhance rural livelihoods through technical innovations in agriculture that are scalable, locally appropriate, and inventive. SAP Kenya wants to contribute in this space by providing leadership and campaigns on sustainable agriculture and food systems, working with the members to:
  • Stimulate local production by providing farmers with the inputs, the knowledge and the financial services they need.

  • To better understand the lock-ins and levers in agricultural and food systems

  • To better understand the behavioral factors of small scale farmers

  • More and better evidence on the potential effectiveness of the current interventions

  • A more structured approach to link knowledge to action

Women and youth farmers should become specially targeted recipients because of their vital roles in the agriculture.

Who is this project for?

Policies encouraging investment in agricultural sectors needs to be supported and operationalized. The project is designed for the following groups.

  • Farmers

    Minimize pressure on ecosystems, while restoring and enhancing biodiversity

  • Policy Makers

    Provide consumers with affordable, safe, traceable healthy and sustainable food

  • Research and Development

    Enhance development of sustainable farming systems.

  • Food Chain Actors

    Generate fair economic returns for farmers.

  • Consumers and NGO

    Dissemination of information gathered across the project activities.

Research and Innovation

Policy and advocacy

Training and development

Networking and Collaboration

Good governance and policy change


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Our lead team of directors have acquired a cumulative wealth of over 30 years experience in the Africa’s development sector, stakeholder engagement, related multi disciplinary experience useful in coordinating all SAP agribusiness and socio economic programs in Kenya’s 47 counties

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